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 Business & Financial Services Creative Industries Manufacturing, Engineering & Infrastructure Property & Transport Retail Technology & Telecoms Tourism & Leisure


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Please provide the following information. Your entry cannot be considered without this. All information provided is within strict confidence and will only be seen by the shortlisting team and, if shortlisted, by the Chairman and judging panel to consider your entry.


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Main submission:
Written document of 1,000 words maximum. Please refer to the awards website for clear criteria of points to include for your category. If entering more than one category, you may submit separate main submissions for each entry.

Summary submission:
100 word paragraph describing the unique, distinguishing characteristics that make you or your company an award winner (maximum allowed: 100 words)

I confirm that I am the person submitting this entry, and that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information provided in this application is true and complete. I have included all the information specified in the checklist above. I understand that the judges retain the right to nominate me for categories that I may not have entered if they deem it appropriate. I understand that information from my application (including photography) may be used for press and publicity purposes unless non-publicly available financial details have been specifically and clearly marked. By submitting this nomination, you agree to Casis Media retaining your details and to receive further information regarding this event and other products.
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